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  • Cluster-Seminar Öffentliche Finanzen und Lebenslagen

    Gender differences and stereotypes in newspaper coverage of company board members

    I present first descriptive evidence on gender differences and stereotypes in newspaper coverage of company board members in Germany through quantitative text analysis. Regularized regression shows that family-related terms are predictive of an article being about a woman. An association of women with family and men with careers is also shown in dictionary-based analyses using the term frequency...

    26.06.2024| Virginia Sondergeld
  • Nicht-referierte Aufsätze

    Erwerbsbeteiligung von Frauen: Ursachen des hohen Teilzeitanteils und politische Handlungsoptionen

    Der Fach- und Arbeitskräftemangel ist ein anhaltend großes Problem für die wirtschaftliche Entwicklung in Deutschland. Zur Auflösung der Fußnote[1] Verschiedene politische Handlungsoptionen zur Lösung oder Abmilderung des Arbeitskräftemangels werden immer wieder diskutiert: beispielsweise die Zuwanderung von Fachkräften aus dem Ausland, Zur Auflösung der Fußnote[2] die stärkere Mobilisierung von älteren ...

    In: Aus Politik und Zeitgeschichte 74 (2024), 22, S. 33-38 | Katharina Wrohlich
  • Cluster-Seminar Öffentliche Finanzen und Lebenslagen

    Meet My Family: the Effect of Female CEOs’ Newspaper Coverage on Financial Decision Making

    Newspaper coverage of firms’ CEOs is highly gendered. This presents a bias in itself but it might also have consequences for investments into the firm. In a survey experiment (N=tbd), we identify the causal impact of differential newspaper coverage for female and male CEOs on four outcomes: expected firm performance, investment into the firm, expected CEO ‘survival’, and expected performance in...

    30.04.2024| Lavinia Kinne, Virginia Sondergeld
  • Cluster-Seminar Öffentliche Finanzen und Lebenslagen

    Gender differences and stereotypes in media coverage of company board members

    Women continue to be underrepresented in leadership positions in the corporate sector such as on company boards. One of the reasons for this underrepresentation are gender stereotypes on the skill distribution, social and occupational roles, personality traits, and how they affect labor market decision making. Media plays an important role in transporting gender stereotypes. In this paper we...

    21.06.2023| Virginia Sondergeld
  • Cluster-Seminar Öffentliche Finanzen und Lebenslagen

    Pension and Long-Term Care Expectations: Evidence from Germany

    Two significant drivers of a person's financial situation in old age are pension income and costs for long-term care dependence. Both are unknown when the person makes her most important financial decisions, which makes it particularly interesting to understand her beliefs about them and how they influence her choices. In a representative survey, we elicit detailed expectations about individuals...

    05.07.2023| Bruno Veltri (HU Berlin), Maximilian Blesch
  • Data Documentation 107 / 2024

    DIW Women Executives Barometer: Method Report and Codebook for the Waves 2015-2024

    2024| Virginia Sondergeld, Katharina Wrohlich
  • DIW Weekly Report 7 / 2024

    Expanding Long-term Care Insurance Could Reduce the Gender Care Gap in Germany

    In many European countries, men and women differ significantly in the amount of informal care work they provide for relatives, with women acting as caregivers far more frequently than men. This difference, known as the gender care gap, varies considerably between European countries, with Germany somewhere in the middle of the distribution. This Weekly Report analyzes the institutional, societal, and ...

    2024| Johannes Geyer, Peter Haan, Mia Teschner
  • Infographic

    Good care system reduces gender care gap

  • Workshop

    4th annual Workshop for Women in Macroeconomics, Finance and Economic History

    The 4th annual Workshop for Women in Macroeconomics, Finance and Economic History is being organized by the DIW Berlin. The aim is to bring together female academic researchers and practitioners to promote and exchange ideas in the field of Macroeconomics, Finance, and Economic History. We invite contributions, including, but not limited to macroeconomic and financial stability, interactions...

    02.05.2024| Laura Alfaro, Christina Gathmann, Aude Pommeret
  • Refereed essays Web of Science

    Examining Double Standards in Layoff Preferences and Expectations for Gender, Age, and Ethnicity When Violating the Social Norm of Vaccination

    Whether vaccination refusal is perceived as a social norm violation that affects layoff decisions has not been tested. Also unknown is whether ascribed low-status groups are subject to double standards when they violate norms, experiencing stronger sanctions in layoff preferences and expectations, and whether work performance attenuates such sanctioning. Therefore, we study layoff preferences and expectations ...

    In: Scientific Reports 14 (2024), 39, 14 S. | Cristóbal Moya, Sebastian Sattler, Shannon Taflinger, Carsten Sauer
644 results, from 1