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  • SOEP Brown Bag Seminar

    Local far-right demonstrations and nationwide public attitudes

    One of the primary objectives of protests and demonstrations is to bring social, political, or economic issues to the attention of politicians and the wider population. While protests can have a mobilizing and persuading effect, they may reduce support for their cause if turned disruptive or disorganised. In this study, we look at how local or spontaneously organized far-right and xenophobic...

    15.11.2023| Christopher Prömel, Freie Universität Berlin
  • Cluster-Seminar Öffentliche Finanzen und Lebenslagen

    The Persistence of Employment Gaps in Couples: To what extent do relative female-to-male wage opportunities matter?

    Gender gaps in employment have narrowed but remain substantial, especially within couples. When I proxy potential earnings through demand-driven wage changes in job tasks within industries and using German administrative data, I show that a rising relative female-to-male potential wage increases work hours of female partners, but at a diminishing rate. Men, on the other hand, reduce their work...

    31.01.2024| Luisa Hammer
  • Infographic

    Gender pay gap and gender care gap both increase sharply until middle age

  • Refereed essays Web of Science

    Do Women Expect Wage Cuts for Part-Time Work?

    I quantify the perceived changes in hourly wage rates associated with working different hours on the same job for a representative sample of female workers. While part-time working women expect significant hourly wage gains from switching to full-time work - 7% on average - full-time workers expect no effect on current wages when switching to part-time, on average. Perceived pecuniary losses from part-time ...

    In: Labour Economics 80 (2023), 102291, 14 S. | Annekatrin Schrenker
  • Workshop

    3rd annual Workshop for Women in Macroeconomics, Finance and Economic History

    The 3rd annual Workshop for Women in Macroeconomics, Finance and Economic History is being organized by the German Institute for Economic Research. The aim is to bring together female academic researchers and practitioners to promote and exchange ideas in the fields of Macroeconomics, Finance, and Economic History.

    03.05.2023| Elena Carletti, Silvia Miranda-Agrippino, Claudia Steinwender
  • Infographic

    The division of paid and care work

  • Cluster-Seminar Öffentliche Finanzen und Lebenslagen

    The Judge in the Marriage Bed: The Modernization of the Swiss Marital Law and Female Labour Force Participation

    This paper analyses the impact of the modernization of the Swiss marital law in the 1980s on married women's labour force participation in Switzerland. The reform of the law comprised multiple measures to foster the equality between husband and wife within the marriage. The Swiss people voted on the reform in a referendum in 1985, accepting the new marital law. Hence at the time of the vote, it...

    16.07.2024| Lea Weigand, University of Zurich
  • SOEPpapers 1207 / 2024

    Technological Progress, Occupational Structure, and Gender Gaps in the German Labour Market

    We analyze if technological progress and the change in the occupational structure have improved women’s position in the labour market. We show that women increasingly work in non-routine manual and in interactive occupations. However, the observed narrowing of the gender wage gap is entirely driven by declining gender wag gaps within, rather than between, occupations. A decomposition exercise reveals ...

    2024| Ronald Bachmann, Myrielle Gonschor
  • Cluster-Seminar Öffentliche Finanzen und Lebenslagen

    The obstinacy of gender stereotypes. Evidence from the Found-in-Translation Task

    The pursuit of science (especially exact sciences) is commonly associated with the male gender. This might have a lot of negative consequences, including discrimination and underrepresentation of female researchers at academia. We conduct two experiments with a series of conditions that make it gradually easier to avoid misattribution of gender of a female scholar. In a novel Found-in-Translation...

    04.06.2024| Patrycja Janowska-Widomska, University of Warsaw
  • Infographic

    Refugee women's labor market participation is increasing

644 results, from 11