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  • Cluster-Seminar Öffentliche Finanzen und Lebenslagen

    Short-time Work vs. Unemployment: Gendered Differences in Labour Market Outcomes

    In the recent economic crises, Germany has made use of job retention schemes and in particular short-time work benefits ('Kurzarbeit') to tackle shocks in labor demand. Under these schemes, workers have not been laid off and received unemployment benefits, but reduced their working hours (or stopped working) for a limited amount of time while receiving short-time leave benefits. While the effect...

    07.06.2023| Clara Schäper
  • Cluster-Seminar Öffentliche Finanzen und Lebenslagen

    The Gender (Tax) Gap in Parental Transfers. Evidence from administrative inheritance and gift tax data.

    This study examines how inheritance and gift tax systems in combination with gendered parental transfer behavior strengthen gender wealth inequalities. Gender differences in transfers can be reproduced if men benefit differently than women from tax exemptions. This might happen when men and women receive different types of assets where only some are tax exempted. To investigate gendered parental...

    31.05.2023| Daria Tisch, Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies
  • Refereed essays Web of Science

    Cognitive Reflection and 2D:4D: Evidence from a Large Population Sample

    Bosch-Domènech et al. (2014) reported a negative association between 2D:4D, a suggested marker of prenatal testosterone exposure, and the Cognitive Reflection Test (CRT) in a sample of 623 university students. In this pre-registered study, we test if we can replicate their findings in a general population sample of over 2,500 individuals from Germany. We find no statistically significant association ...

    In: Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 209 (2023), S. 288-307 | Levent Neyse, Frank M. Fossen, Magnus Johannesson, Anna Dreber
  • Externe Monographien

    Selection into Employment and the Gender Wage Gap across the Distribution and over Time

    Using quantile regression methods, this paper analyses the gender wage gap across the wage distribution and over time (1990-2014), while controlling for changing sample selection into full-time employment. Our findings show that the selection-corrected gender wage gap is much larger than the one observed in the data, which is mainly due to large positive selection of women into fulltime employment. ...

    Potsdam: CEPA, 2020, 33 S.
    (CEPA Discussion Papers ; 15)
    | Patricia Gallego Granados, Katharina Wrohlich
  • Cluster-Seminar Öffentliche Finanzen und Lebenslagen

    Beyond Hot Flashes: The Health and Career Cost of Menopause

    Menopause marks a crucial juncture in women's lives and careers, coinciding with the peak of their income and working hours trajectory. On average, a third of women encounter severe health problems during this phase, exposing them to the risk of adverse labor market and health outcomes. Leveraging Norwegian registry data, coupled with panel data on doctor visits related to menopausal issues and...

    17.04.2024| Mara Barschkett
  • Diskussionspapiere 2076 / 2024

    The Women in Economics Index - Monitoring Women Economists' Representation in Leadership Positions

    We contribute to the research on gender representation in economics by documenting the share of women among economists in a variety of leadership positions in the academic, but also in the private and public sectors, both globally and by region. For the years 2019 to 2023, we find women economists’ representation overall to be low in all sectors and no clear-cut trends over time. In academia, we find ...

    2024| Jana Schuetz, Virginia Sondergeld, Insa Weilage
  • Externe Monographien

    Wealth Creators or Inheritors? Unpacking the Gender Wealth Gap From Bottom to Top and Young to Old

    This paper investigates the gender wealth gap using wealth recorded in the Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP). Ranking women and men by their individual wealth reveals that the average gender wealth gap is driven by the large gap in the top tail. We find that the gender wealth gap widens during working age and closes during retirement. This is associated with men receiving higher inheritances and inter-vivos ...

    Rochester : SSRN, 2023, 29 S. | Charlotte Bartels, Eva Sierminska, Carsten Schroeder
  • DIW Weekly Report 3 / 2024

    Share of Women on the Executive Boards of Large Companies Has Increased, but Generally Is at Most One Woman

    The number of women serving on the executive boards of large companies in Germany once again increased in 2023: Around 18 percent (153 of 875) of executive board members at the 200 largest companies were women as of late fall 2023, two percentage points higher than in 2022. Thus, growth has slightly picked up again. In some of the groups of companies analyzed, the figure was even higher. Around 23 ...

    2024| Virginia Sondergeld, Katharina Wrohlich, Anja Kirsch
  • Infographic

    Women can make a difference in company management but remain under-represented

  • Externe Monographien

    Essays on Labor Economics, Dynamic Decision Making, and the Role of Gender

    The topic of this thesis is the heterogeneity in labor market outcomes over the life cycle and across gender. The thesis comprises three independent research papers (Chapters 2-4), which focus on complementary aspects of the overreaching research question: how do employment choices determine earnings, and what role does the gender component play? Chapter 1 introduces the topic of wage and gender gaps ...

    Berlin: Humboldt-Universität Berlin, 2023, XVIII, 170 S. | Boryana Antonova Ilieva
644 results, from 21