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  • DIW Weekly Report 9 / 2023

    Gender Care Gap and Gender Pay Gap Increase Substantially until Middle Age

    While the gender pay gap between men and women in Germany remains at 18 percent, this figure is not the same for all employees. There are, for example, major differences by age. Beginning at age 30, the gender pay gap increases sharply and remains constantly high at 20 percent until retirement. Closely related to this is the gender care gap, the difference in unpaid care work between women and men. ...

    2023| Clara Schäper, Annekatrin Schrenker, Katharina Wrohlich
  • Externe referierte Aufsätze

    A Tale of Two Data Sets: Comparing German Administrative and Survey Data Using Wage Inequality as an Example

    The IAB’s Sample of Integrated Labour Market Biographies (SIAB) and the Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP) are the two data sets most commonly used to analyze wage inequality in Germany. While the SIAB is based on administrative reports by employers to the social security system, the SOEP is a survey data set in which respondents self-report their wages. Both data sources have their specific advantages and ...

    In: Journal for Labour Market Research 57 (2023), 1, Art. 8, 18 S. | Heiko Stüber, Markus M. Grabka, Daniel D. Schnitzlein
  • Zeitungs- und Blogbeiträge

    Sanctions Coalitions: Stronger together

    In: (30.10.2022), [Online-Artikel] | Joschka Wanner, Julian Hinz, Katrin Kamin, Sonali Chowdhry
  • Berlin Lunchtime Meeting

    Social Mobility as a Key to Success for Economic Transformation and Reform

    Social mobility and equal opportunity are key to thriving societies and economies. In the aftermath of the pandemic and in the context of increasing prices, calls for policymakers to address social and economic inequalities are intensifying. The recently launched Observatory on Social Mobility and Equal Opportunity not only brings together all OECD data points, but also displays the impact of...

    22.03.2023| Romina Boarini, Sandra Bohmann, Marcel Fratzscher, Moderation by Nicola Brandt
  • Externe referierte Aufsätze

    Do Women Expect Wage Cuts for Part-Time Work?

    I quantify the perceived changes in hourly wage rates associated with working different hours on the same job for a representative sample of female workers. While part-time working women expect significant hourly wage gains from switching to full-time work - 7% on average - full-time workers expect no effect on current wages when switching to part-time, on average. Perceived pecuniary losses from part-time ...

    In: Labour Economics 80 (2022), 102291 | Annekatrin Schrenker
  • SOEP Survey Papers ; 1210: Series A - Survey Instruments (Erhebungsinstrumente) / 2022

    SOEP-Core – 2021: Deceased Individual

    2022| infas
  • SOEP Survey Papers ; 1211: Series A - Survey Instruments (Erhebungsinstrumente) / 2022

    SOEP-Core – 2021: Mother and Child (Newborns)

    2022| infas
  • SOEP Survey Papers ; 1212: Series A - Survey Instruments (Erhebungsinstrumente) / 2022

    SOEP-Core – 2021: Mother and Child (2-3-year-olds)

    2022| infas
  • SOEP Survey Papers ; 1213: Series A - Survey Instruments (Erhebungsinstrumente) / 2022

    SOEP-Core – 2021: Mother and Child (5-6-year-olds)

    2022| infas
14475 results, from 1