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  • Datenangebot

    Ampel-Monitor Energiewende (Monitor of the German "Traffic Light" Coalition’s Energy Transition Targets)

    BLOG This homepage contains interactive graphs on the following indicators: Note on the graphs Explanations on PV Explanations on onshore wind power Explanations on offshore wind power Explanations on share of renewable energy in the electricity sector Explanations on heat pump stock Explanations on share of renewable energy of final energy consumption for heating Explanations on battery electric car ...

  • Externe Monographien

    Intangible Capital and Productivity Divergence

    Understanding the causes of the slowdown in aggregate productivity growth is key to maintaining the competitiveness of advanced economies and ensuring long-term economic prosperity. This paper is the first to provide evidence that investment in intangible capital, despite having a positive effect on productivity at the micro level, is a driver of the weak productivity performance at the aggregate level ...

    Tilburg: Tilburg University, 2022, 69 S.
    (TILEC Discussion Paper ; 2022-08)
    | Marie Le Mouel, Alexander Schiersch
  • DIW focus 7 / 2022

    Energy Supply Security in Germany Can Be Guaranteed even without Natural Gas from Russia

    The Russian war on Ukraine and Germany’s dependence on Russian gas require a rethink of German energy supplies. While there is a heated debate about an immediate energy embargo, Russia could also stop its supplies at any time. To date, Germany has purchased around 55 percent of its natural gas from Russia. DIW Berlin has developed scenarios for how the German energy system could become independent ...

    2022| Franziska Holz, Robin Sogalla, Christian von Hirschhausen, Claudia Kemfert
  • In the media

    BSE INSIGHTS pieces on the war in Ukraine

    This text was originally published on BSE INSIGHTS. On February 24, 2022, Russian forces began their first attacks in a war on Ukraine. Since then, more than 5 million refugees have left Ukraine, and among those, more than 90% fled into the EU (UNHCR, 2022). A recent survey of the German Federal Ministry of the Interior among 1,936 refugees arriving from Ukraine finds 92% of all respondents had been ...

    21.04.2022| Jana Hamdan
  • Berlin Applied Micro Seminar (BAMS)

    Direct, Spillover and Welfare Effects of Regional Firm Subsidies

    25.04.2022| Sebastian Siegloch (University of Mannheim)
  • Workshop

    The impact of changing GDP accounting conventions on evidence for decoupling

    Abstract: Efforts to assess the possibilities for decoupling economic growth from negative environmental impacts have examined their historical relationship, with varying and inconclusive results. Part of the problem is ambiguity arising from definitional changes to GDP. I review the history of structural revisions to GDP on both the national level and on international comparisons of purchasing...

    06.05.2022| Gregor Semieniuk (University of Massachusetts)
  • SOEP-IS 2013 – Finding the Most Efficient Question Format for Long List Questions in Computer-assisted Surveys

    2022| Jessica M. E. Herzing, Silke L. Schneider
  • SOEP-IS 2013 – Application for the Inclusion of Additional Batteries of Questions

    2022| Andreas Stang, Melanie Zinkhan
  • Diskussionspapiere 2002 / 2022

    Pandemic Depression: COVID-19 and the Mental Health of the Self-Employed

    We investigate the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on self-employed people’s mental health. Using representative longitudinal survey data from Germany, we reveal differential effects by gender: whereas self-employed women experienced a substantial deterioration in their mental health, self-employed men displayed no significant changes up to early 2021. Financial losses are important in explaining these ...

    2022| Marco Caliendo, Daniel Graeber, Alexander S. Kritikos, Johannes Seebauer
  • Seminar of the Macro Department

    Frugal fatalities? A narrative assessment of the cost of austerity

    26.04.2022| Katharina Schramm
14763 results, from 1