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    Economic outlook: consumer spending and growth strengthen the economy

  • DIW Weekly Report 24/25/26 / 2024

    DIW Berlin Economic Outlook: Global Economy Recovering Swiftly; German Economy Gaining Momentum

    The German economy began recovering at the beginning of 2024 and has developed better than initially expected. A sharp rise in construction investment, albeit more of a flash in the pan as a result of mild winter weather, along with strong goods exports helped the economy onto its recov¬ery path and masked the disappointing development of private consumption, which sank unexpectedly. However, consumer ...

    2024| Geraldine Dany-Knedlik, Guido Baldi, Nina Maria Brehl, Hella Engerer, Angelina Hackmann, Pia Hüttl, Konstantin A. Kholodilin, Frederik Kurcz, Laura Pagenhardt, Marie Rullière, Jan-Christopher Scherer, Teresa Schildmann, Ruben Staffa, Kristin Trautmann
  • Refereed essays Web of Science

    Advancing Sustainable Development Goals through Energy Access: Lessons from the Global South

    Under the banner of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG 7), governments, industry, and civil society organisations have supported many energy access projects since 2015. Notably, funding and investments allotted to renewable energy are regarded not only to provide ‘energy for all’ but also support the delivery of other SDGs related to climate change, food security, health, and poverty ...

    In: Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 199 (2024), 114457, 15 S. | Angela Mae Minas, Samira García-Freites, Christopher Walsh, Velma Mukoro, Jhud Mikhail Aberilla, Amanda April, Jaise Kuriakose, Carlos Gaete-Morales, Alejandro Gallego-Schmid, Sarah Mander
  • Refereed essays Web of Science

    Socioeconomic Inequalities in Pandemic-induced Psychosocial Stress in Different Life Domains among the Working-Age Population

    Background Psychosocial stress is considered a risk factor for physical and mental ill-health. Evidence on socioeconomic inequalities with regard to the psychosocial consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic in Germany is still limited. We aimed to investigate how pandemic-induced psychosocial stress (PIPS) in different life domains differed between socioeconomic groups.MethodsData came from the German ...

    In: BMC Public Health 24 (2024), 1421, 11 S. | Florian Beese, Benjamin Wachtler, Markus M. Grabka, Miriam Blume, Christina Kersjes, Robert Gutu, Elvira Mauz, Jens Hoebel
  • Refereed essays Web of Science

    Individual Differences in Short-term Social Dynamics: Theoretical Perspective and Empirical Development of the Social Dynamics Scale

    People have a need to form and maintain fulfilling social contact, yet they differ with respect to with whom they satisfy the need and how quickly this need is deprived or overly satiated. These social dynamics across relationships and across time are theoretically delineated in the current article. Furthermore, we developed a questionnaire to measure individual differences in three aspects of such ...

    In: Current Psychology (2024), im Ersch. [online first: 2024-04-05] | Cornelia Wrzus, Yannick Roos, Michael D. Krämer, David Richter
  • Refereed essays Web of Science

    Earn More Tomorrow: Overconfidence, Income Expectations, and Consumer Indebtedness

    This paper examines whether biased income expectations due to overconfidence lead to higher levels of debt taking. We show suggestive evidence for a link between overconfidence and borrowing behavior in a representative survey of German households (German Socio-Economic Panel–Innovation Sample [GSOEP-IS]). This motivates a laboratory experiment to study causality behind these effects. In two experiments, ...

    In: Journal of Money, Credit and Banking (2024), im Ersch. [online first: 2024-05-24] | Antonia Grohmann, Lukas Menkhoff, Christoph Merkle, Renke Schmacker
  • Externe Monographien

    Five Essays in Energy Economics: Numerical and Empirical Perspectives on the Decarbonization of the Energy Sector

    Diese Dissertation behandelt die Herausforderungen der Dekarbonisierung im Energiesektor aus verschiedenen Perspektiven mit unterschiedlichen Methoden. Kapitel 1 liefert Hintergrund und Motivation. Kapitel 2 analysiert die Beziehung zwischen geografischer und zeitlicher Flexibilität im Strommarkt in einem Szenario mit 100% erneuerbaren Energien in zwölf mitteleuropäischen Ländern. Unter Anwendung eines ...

    Berlin: Technische Universität Berlin, 2024, XIX, 195 S. | Alexander Roth
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    Joint venture and increase of prices

  • Diskussionspapiere 2085 / 2024

    Renminbi Rising? Exporters' Response to China's Currency Internationalization

    This paper investigates the heterogeneous responses of exporters to policy reforms undertaken by the People’s Bank of China to internationalize the Renminbi (RMB). Using detailed customs data from France for the initial years of these reforms (2011-2017), it documents several novel stylized facts on RMB adoption, highlighting both the growth and extreme skewness in RMB’s uptake across firms and varieties. ...

    2024| Sonali Chowdhry
  • Nicht-referierte Aufsätze

    Erwerbsbeteiligung von Frauen: Ursachen des hohen Teilzeitanteils und politische Handlungsoptionen

    Der Fach- und Arbeitskräftemangel ist ein anhaltend großes Problem für die wirtschaftliche Entwicklung in Deutschland. Zur Auflösung der Fußnote[1] Verschiedene politische Handlungsoptionen zur Lösung oder Abmilderung des Arbeitskräftemangels werden immer wieder diskutiert: beispielsweise die Zuwanderung von Fachkräften aus dem Ausland, Zur Auflösung der Fußnote[2] die stärkere Mobilisierung von älteren ...

    In: Aus Politik und Zeitgeschichte 74 (2024), 22, S. 33-38 | Katharina Wrohlich
15080 results, from 41