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Two Approaches to Understanding Control of Voluntary and Involuntary Job Shifts among Germans and Foreigners from 1991 to 1996

In: Proceedings of the 1998 Third International Conference of the GSOEP Study Users. Vierteljahrshefte zur Wirtschaftsforschung 68 (1999), 2, 222-229 | Lisa M. Amoroso, Charles C. Ragin

German Active Labor Market Policies: The Use of Job Creation and Training Programs Following Unification

In: Heinz P. Galler, Gert G. Wagner , Empirische Forschung und wirtschaftspolitische Beratung
Frankfurt/New York: Campus
| Lisa M. Amoroso, James C. Witte

The Development and Happiness of Very Young Children

The paper demonstrates how Sen’s (1985) alternative approach to welfare economics can be used to shed light on the wellbeing of very young children. More specifically, we estimate versions of the three key relations from his framework using data from the German Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP, 2012) Survey. Our primary models provide evidence that skills are related to involvement in cognate activities ...

In: Social Choice and Welfare 47 (2016), 4, 825-851 | Paul Anand, Laurence Roope

Are Immigrants Paid Less for Education?

This paper is on measuring the gap in returns to education between foreign-born and native workers in France, Germany, and Austria and investigates the extent to which this gap can be explained by a mis-match between the actual and the years of schooling typical for a given occupation. The return to usual years of schooling across different occupations is found to be higher than that for actual years ...

Luxembourg: Luxembourg Income Study (LIS), 2010,
(Luxembourg Income Study Working Paper No. 535)
| Lubomira Anastassova

What is Behind Native-Immigrant Social Income Gaps?

Luxembourg: Luxembourg Income Study (LIS), 2006,
(Luxembourg Income Study Working Paper No. 432)
| Lubomira Anastassova, Teodora Paligorova

Sampling Errors and Cross-Country Comparisons of Income Inequality

In: Journal of Income Distribution 10 (2001), 1-2, 69-76 | Rolf Aaberge

Measuring Income Mobility over Equivalent Adults

Colchester: University of Essex, Institute for Social & Economic Research, 2003,
(ISER Working Paper No. 2003-15)
| Antonio Abatemarco