Recent SOEPpapers

Migrant Fertility in Germany and the Eastern Enlargement of the EU

Katharina Wolf, Michaela Kreyenfeld

Spenden in Deutschland – Analysen auf Basis des SOEP und Vergleiche mit anderen empirischen Studien

Zbignev Gricevic, Karsten Schulz-Sandhof, Jürgen Schupp

The Situation of Female Immigrants on the German Labour Market

Zerrin Salikutluk, Johannes Giesecke, Martin Kroh

Income Distribution and the Fear of Crime

Michelle Acampora, Conchita D'Ambrosio, Markus M. Grabka

Selection into Employment and the Gender Wage Gap across the Distribution and over Time

Patricia Gallego Granados, Katharina Wrohlich

The Impact of Having Children on Domain-Specific Life Satisfaction

Michael D. Krämer, Joseph L. Rodgers

Inferring Floor Area Ratio Thresholds for the Delineation of City Centers Based on Cognitive Perception

Michael Wurm, Jan Goebel, Gert G. Wagner, Matthias Weigand, Stefan Dech, and Hannes Taubenböck
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