Survey Methodology and Survey Management (SOEP Survey)

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German Socio- Economic Panel study

Research Area

Survey Methodology and Survey Management (SOEP Survey)

Research profile

The Survey Methodology team is responsible for all aspects of data collection for the SOEP survey. Its central tasks include specifying the sampling design for the various SOEP samples, developing the SOEP questionnaires, and conducting survey research on selectivity and measurement errors in the data. The team carries out all these activities in close consultation with members of the SOEP Survey Committee and Kantar Public Germany in Munich, the survey research institute in charge of the SOEP fieldwork, which covers both interviews and all direct contact with respondents. The team also oversees the SOEP Innovation Sample (SOEP-IS), which provides a framework for the testing of new and innovative concepts, survey modules, and survey instruments for potential inclusion in the core SOEP survey.

The team is also responsible for conducting the externally funded projects known as “SOEP-Related Studies,” which are aimed primarily at building and improving the longitudinally oriented research data infrastructure.

The Survey Methodology team’s activities include research on the effectiveness of methods to increase willingness to participate in the survey and the provision of weighting variables to correct for selective response rates. Other key focal points of research are: differences between data collection methods (e.g., between personal and mail interviews), the role of interviewers in data quality, and the implementation of new survey instruments such as behavioral experiments, complex cognitive psychological tests, and non-invasive health measures in fieldwork on large-scale studies.

Division Head (acting): Dr. David Richter