Dr. Tatjana Ribakoff

Research Project Coordinator in the Macroeconomics Department

Research Project Coordinator in the Forecasting and Economic Policy Department


+49 30 89789 - 342
Research Topics and Working Areas



    Diskussionspapiere 157 / 1997

    Restructuring and Competition Strategies of Privatised Enterprises in East Germany: What Lessons for Russia?

    1997| Alexander Eickelpasch, Tatjana Ribakova
    Diskussionspapiere 39 / 1992

    The Dynamic Input-Output LSD-Model with Reduction of Idle Capacity and Modified Decision Function

    1992| Dietmar Edler ; Tatjana Ribakova

    Izmenenie impul'sov rosta i adaptacionnye mery ekonomiceskoj politiki v 2002 godu

    Moscow: GLOROS Project, 2002, 18 S.
    (Gloros Policy Papers ; 19)
    | Tatiana Ribakoff
    Weitere Aufsätze

    Eksportnaja sfera ekonomiki Kazachstan

    In: Lutz Hoffmann, Peter Bofinger, Heiner Flassbeck, Alfred Steinherr , Kazachstan 1993 - 2000
    S. 161-171
    | Tatiana Ribakoff
    Weitere Aufsätze

    Export Performance of the Economy of Kazakstan

    In: Lutz Hoffmann, Peter Bofinger, Heiner Flassbeck, Alfred Steinherr , Kazakstan 1993 - 2000
    S. 161-173
    | Tatiana Ribakova
    Weitere Aufsätze

    Rossijskie predprijatija: Trudnyj poisk konkurentnych strategij

    In: EKO (1998), 10, 51-69 | E.A. Vigdorcik, A.A. Nescadin, I.V. Lipsic, A. Ejkelpas, T.A. Rybakova, M. Kaser

    Research Projects

    Research Project

    The Provision of External Expertise in the Field of Monetary and Financial Affairs (Monetary Expert Panel)

    Current Project| Macroeconomics, Forecasting and Economic Policy
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