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20. April 2010

Konferenz The Role of Power Market Design for the
Achievement of the 20% Renewables Target

The EU Renewables Directive requires that by 2020 a share of 20% of final energy has to be provided from renewable sources, and it is likely that renewable electricity from wind and other intermittent sources will provide a high share of this energy. There are concerns that the deployment might not go forward unless the power grid can be significantly upgraded. However, due to public opposition such upgrades might be significantly delayed. The purpose of the
workshop is to discuss whether an improvement of the European power market design can:

  • Increase capacity to connect intermittent renewable generation sources to the network,
  • Reduce costs of network expansion and system services through enhanced network utilization,
  • Increase flexibility to limit the repercussions from delays in individual grid expansion or power generation projects,
  • Enhance system security by (i) effective sharing of resources on a European level, and (ii) improving and standardizing information exchange between European system operators.

    The workshop will discuss which efficiency and security gains are possible by moving to a power market design
    that reflects the physical reality of the network and of generation plants.

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