Lectures of the Department of Macroeconomics

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  • Vortrag

    Same, but Different? Testing Monetary Policy Shock Measures
    Stephanie Ettmeier, Alexander Kriwoluzky
    Presenter: Ettmeier, Stephanie

    Theories and Methods in Macroeconomics : T2M Konferenz
    Nürnberg, 23.03.2019
  • Vortrag

    Capital Markets Union and Cross-border Risk Sharing
    Franziska Bremus

    Capital Markets Union - International Banking Research Network Workshop, Banque de France
    Paris, Frankreich, 28.02.2019
  • Vortrag

    DIW Berlin and DIW's Research on Banking
    Dorothea Schäfer

    Credit Views on Banks in Europe and Germany : Workshop; Moody's Investors Service
    Berlin, 24.01.2019