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Dominika Kalinowska sucessfully presents her dissertation

Personnel news of April 30, 2010

Dominika Kalinowska, since 2004 researcher in the Department Energy, Transportation, Environment, successfully completed her dissertation on „Integrated passenger transport policy assessment within a computable general equilibrium framework" at the Technical University Berlin. The objective of the dissertation work was the integration of passenger travel demand within a General Equilibrium Model (CGE) for Germany and the analysis of economic and environmental effects of the implementation of car road use charging. Results show that distributional welfare effects vary between the different household categories specified within the model. The unfavourable regressivity of the measure may, however, be compensated through an adequate design of the revenue redistribution policy that in turn will also increase the acceptability of the road charging policy. Furthermore, the dissertation work has further intensified and expanded the cooperation between the department and our research professor Karl Steininger from the University of Graz. At DIW Berlin, Dr. Kalinowska is mainly working in the area of transportation research. She will continue her modelling efforts and thereby will further strengthen the integration of the major research areas of the department - transportation, environment and energy.