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»Women's Labour Force Participation«

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DIW Wochenbericht
DIW Weekly Report
  • DIW Weekly Report
    3 / 2018

    Financial Sector: Proportion of Women in Top Decision-Making Bodies Is Increasing More Slowly Than at the Beginning of the Decade—Equal Gender Representation Is Still a Long Way Off

    Elke Holst, Katharina Wrohlich
    S. 32-45
    Details Free Download Article | PDF  293 KB
  • DIW Weekly Report
    3 / 2018

    Top-Decision Making Bodies of Large Businesses: Gender Quota for Supervisory Boards Is Effective—Development Is Almost at a Standstill for Executive Boards

    Elke Holst, Katharina Wrohlich
    S. 17-31
    Details Free Download Article | PDF  289 KB
Weekly Report
DIW Economic Bulletin
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