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GC Summer Workshop 2012 a big success

Bericht vom 6. Juli 2012

From June 28 to 30, the first Graduate Center Summer Workshop took place in the avendi Hotel at Griebnitz Lake in Potsdam and turned out to be a big success. During the three-day workshop, GC09 and GC10 doctoral students presented their current research and received feedback from their supervisors and peers. The workshop was well attended by more than 50 professors, doctoral students and external guests. Its program consisted of 21 presentations that covered a large range of topics in economics and social sciences. Beyond the academic presentations, the workshop included canoeing, a football evening and other social events, organized by student representatives, to exchange ideas and promote networking. As an external speaker, Ms. Helga Nolte, executive officer of the Ombudsman at German Research Foundation, was invited to make a presentation on Good Scientific Practice, followed by active discussions from the audience.

The workshop provided a great opportunity for PhD students to present their advanced and preliminary findings and discuss them with fellow researchers. We would like to thank DIW Berlin for funding the event. The Summer Workshop is meant to become as a yearly tradition of the DIW Graduate Center.

Please find the program and some pictures here.

Program (PDF, 195.04 KB)

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