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16. April 2013

Berlin Seminar on Energy and Climate Policy Energy Efficiency in Buildings as part of Energy and Climate Policy

Germany has a 2050 reduction target of 80% for primary energy use in buildings. This Spring the Federal Government will be publishing a Sanierungsfahrplan outlining the routes and policies to achieve this target. The rate of uptake of energy efficiency measures in existing buildings is a key factor in achieving these goals. The realization of economic benefits from this ‘retrofitting' are dependent on many, varied factors and the way in which policy tackles them.

After a discussion on the potential and nature of the reaching the 80% target, the seminar will illustrate the detailed issues by examining a key factor in the retrofit of residential building: the factors influencing choices of building occupiers to potential energy efficiency investments and related behaviours. The seminar will explore how building occupiers have responded to financial opportunities for energy efficiency savings. We hope that it will produce a lively discussion, with good interaction with experts.

The discussion will primarily be held in English. However we will also welcome contributions to the discussion in German.

  • Dr. Thomas Boermans, Ecofys; Martin Bornholdt, DENEFF; Sebastian Metzger, CO2 online and ThinkTank30
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    12:30 - 14:30
    Schumpeter Saal DIW Berlin im Quartier 110 Mohrenstraße 58 10117 Berlin
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