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4. Dez 2013

Gastvortrag Global prospects for emissions pricing

Emissions trading is floundering in Europe and about to be abolished in Australia. But China and Korea are planning to introduce emissions trading schemes (ETS), while Mexico and South Africa are planning carbon taxes. In this seminar I will present an analysis of developments on climate policy in Australia and China; argue that hybrid approaches with a price floor are suitable for reform of the EU ETS and for ETS in China and other industrialising countries; and discuss the idea of carbon tax thresholds as a way to overcome political resistance to carbon taxes. 

  • Prof. Frank Jotzo, Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University Bio Frank Jotzo is Associate Professor at the Australian National University's Crawford School of Public Policy, where he leads the Centre for Climate Economics and Policy. He has been involved in climate change policy analysis and advisory in Australia, including through the Garnaut Climate Change Review and other contributions to the policy process. He is involved in applied research on China's plans for emissions pricing, and earlier advised Indonesia's Ministry of Finance on climate policy. He is currently a visiting researcher at ZEW.
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