Reports , News of 11 July 2014

Information on SOEP-IS: Data collection 2012 and data distribution 2012

The innovative modules for the 2014 SOEP-IS data collection have now been selected. We will be able to include 16 out of a total of 41 proposals submitted.

In the process of data collection for SOEP-IS 2014, we will also be purchasing 111 smart phones for further research on the well-being and life satisfaction of SOEP-IS respondents. For this, we will use the experience sampling method (ESM), a research methodology that asks participants to stop at certain times and report on their experience in real time. The telephones and the expertise of the SOEP group in conducting ESM surveys will be made available to all applicants in the future.

We would also like to mention again that the 2012 data from the SOEP-IS were released in April. The data are provided via secure download. Simultaneously with this data distribution, we are providing the data from the 2011 SOEP-IS modules:

  • Implicit Association Test (IAT) and corresponding explicit questions measuring gender stereotypes.
  • The measurement of the four facets of sensitivity to injustice (victim sensitivity, observer sensitivity, beneficiary sensitivity, perpetrator sensitivity).
  • Questions about private, public, and company pensions.

With regard to the documentation on data collection in 2012, there is further news to report. We now have a "Release 2012" navigation point on the SOEP-IS website ( where you can find all relevant information on the SOEP-IS, with links to details on the innovative modules by survey year, information on the evolution of subsamples, as well as the questionnaires, methodological reports by Infratest, and documentation on the datasets themselves.