Report , News of 12 July 2014

SOEPinfo v.2 - looking for test users

The new SOEPinfo not only contains documentation on SOEP-Core, but also on the new data format SOEPlong, our innovation panel SOEP-IS, 13 pretests from past years, and the Berlin Aging Study II (Base II). In the coming weeks and months we plan to activate further functions that will help users in their work with the data.

A first prototype for the new basket and script generator has to be tested that supports not only the functions from the old SOEPinfo but also the new data format, SOEPlong. Interested users are invited to try out the new functions and to report any errors or suggest improvements to us. Please contact Marcel Hebing () if you like to participate.

SOEPinfo v.2 (beta)

DDI on Rails (including help page)