Reports , News of 27 October 2014

Introduction of a minimum wage in Germany and the 2015 SOEP questionnaires

In summer 2014, the German government passed legislation to gradually introduce a mandatory minimum wage across all sectors. The revision of SOEP questionnaires reported on above offers the chance to include additional questions on this “natural experiment”. Our focus is on the SOEP questions about contractually stipulated working hours, paid working hours, the number of hours actually worked, as well as monthly income. We have also included several direct questions on how companies are implementing the legislation and how individuals are affected by the law. In the last and the current year, a series of SOEP-based empirical papers have been published on the possible employment impacts of the minimum wage in Germany. Carsten Schröder presented an overview of these studies in German; he also coordinates the thematic development of the SOEP questionnaires.