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14. Oktober 2014

Berlin Seminar on Energy and Climate Policy The 2015 Climate Deal - Pathways to Ambitious Targets

The international climate negotiations are approaching another deadline: 2015 in Paris at the COP 21 of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change a new climate agreement is to be launched. The need for action on emissions reduction is obvious and has been highlighted repeatedly. We will present results from two studies focusing on global pathways, first mover advantages, and costs of (in) action.

Our discussion addresses the following key points:
1. What can be learned from the IPCC AR5 for international climate policy, and how do the IPCC results impact negotiations?
2. How can policymakers be induced to take action and to commit to longer term climate targets?
3. What are key interests of large polluting economies and which issues are regarded as determining the Paris 2015 outcome?

The seminar will be primarily held in English. However, we also welcome contributions to the discussion in German. To register, please send a short email to so that we can judge the catering needs.

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Gunnar Luderer

Elmar Kriegler

  • Speakers: Elmar Kriegler (PIK) Gunnar Luderer (PIK) Comment: Jennifer Morgan (World Resources Institute)
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