Reports , News of 17 October 2014

SOEPnewsletter 106 / October 2014 out now

We are happy to announce the publication of our current SOEPnewsletter 106, October 2014 | PDF, 3.03 MB .

With a little delay, but with some interesting news about

  • SOEP data distribution soep.v30 (what's new in the data set, pre-order form)
  • our plans to revise our individual questionnaire
  • our offer to bring your research question into the SOEP Innovation Sample
  • new study distributions: FiD 4.0 and the IAB-SOEP Migration Sample 2013
  • some past conferences (SOEP 2014, VfS Annual Meeting, ASA Annual Meeting, DIW Berlin Gender Tagung)
  • the next SOEPcampus workshop at DIW Berlin (March 3-4, 2015)

and many more (among this two links to new SOEP film clips - do you find them?)