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10. Nov 2014

Berlin Seminar on Energy and Climate Policy New EU 2030 targets - will national policy deliver?

We would like to invite you to the „Berlin Seminar on Energy and Climate Policy“ (BSEC) jointly with Öko Institut, PIK, Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, TU-Berlin, and Ecologic Institute.

We are going to discuss a set of questions emerging from the October European Council decision on the EU 2030 climate and energy strategy, with a particular focus on implementation of measures outside the scope of the ETS:

- What do the targets mean for the policy discourse and policy design in Germany and other EU countries?

- How can the governance process be designed and implemented - and what can it achieve? Will respective national targets and strategies be defined in time for Paris?

- How will the fund (“the 2%-reserve”) be designed in order to significantly scale up  low-carbon investment in CEE EU Member States?

- What does the decision mean for the international climate negotiations and which opportunities and risks does the implementation process create for Paris 2015?

The seminar will be primarily held in English. However, we also welcome contributions to the discussion in German.


Wolfgang Eichhammer, Head of Energy Policy and Energy Markets, Fraunhofer-Institute Karlsruhe

Oliver Sartor, Institute for Sustainable Development and Internatioanl Relations (IDDRI), Paris

Stefanie Hiesinger, EU Commission

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