Report , News of 18 December 2014

General revision of the SOEP questionnaires - part II

Follow up with the household questionnaires

We would first like to thank everyone who took time to take a critical look at our proposed deletions and changes in the different blocs of questions included in the individual questionnaire at periodic intervals. These changes are still under discussion so it is not too late for you to submit comments if you have not done so already. To involve our English users, we have put an initial English version | PDF, 1.12 MB of the revision list online.
Meanwhile, we have also compiled a list of potential deletions from the household questionnaire, which you can find here | PDF, 151.75 KB .

Once again, our key criteria in selecting candidates for deletion were:

  • redundancy of the information surveyed,
  • evidence of insufficient validity of the question,
  • lack of current relevance, and
  • to our knowledge low potential for further use

Further information on the aims of this revision can be found in the last SOEPnewsletter (106 /October 2014 | PDF, 3.03 MB ).

We were unable to find any “superfluous” questions in our biography questionnaire, so it will remain essentially unchanged.