Report , News of 22 December 2014

SOEP User Survey 2014 - Thank you for your participation

Between October 17 and November 14, 2014, a number of SOEP users were kind enough to participate in this year’s SOEP User Survey and give us feedback about our services and infrastructure work. We would like to again thank all those who took the time to support our efforts at continually improving our services.

We are very pleased to be able to rely on a stable user community for our annual online survey. The number of users who completed the entire survey has risen continuously over the last four years (see figure). Of the 662 users who expressed interest, 581 completed the survey, which means a dropout rate of around 12%, which was down slightly from the previous year (16%).


The results of the survey show a change in the composition of our user community with regard to occupational status and location of the institution. While the percentage of students dropped from 14.5 % in 2013 to 8.7% in 2014, the percentage of professors has increased substantially to 45.7% (previous year: 24.7%). Participants affiliated with international institutions have increased by 10% and now make up around one-third of all SOEP User Survey respondents.

A detailed, in-depth analysis we have provided in the SOEPnewsletter 108 | PDF, 2.62 MB . If you have any questions or remarks on this year’s SOEP User Survey, please contact our SOEP User Hotline ().