Report , News of 22 December 2014

SOEP-IS: ESM now in the field

As a new technical feature, the Experience Sampling Method (ESM) is now being tested with 111 smart phones that were purchased for use in the 2014 SOEP-IS survey. In the current fieldwork phase, the ESM is being used with around 250 respondents, who are asked questions about how they are currently feeling seven times a day on seven subsequent days. Respondents are given the smart phones for this period of time, and use them to complete a short questionnaire by touchscreen on what they are currently doing and how they are feeling. The questions are sent to them at irregular intervals scattered over the course of the day.

These smart phones will also be available for use in future years of the SOEP-IS. If you have an idea for using ESM in the SOEP-IS, please contact us for details at .