Reports , News of 27 March 2015

Award goes to dissertation using SOEP data

The Economics of Education Committee of the Verein für Socialpolitik, one of the largest professional economics associations in Europe, awarded its 2013/14 Best Dissertation Prize in the Economics of Education for a dissertation that was based in large part on SOEP data. Pia Pinger received the prize for her dissertation “Essays on Skills, Health and Human Inequality” submitted to the University of Mannheim in 2013 and supervised by Gerard van den Berg and James Heckman.
Pinger’s dissertation is comprised of five chapters, three of which—“Maintaining Locus of Control”, “A Validation Study of Intergenerational Effects of Early-Life Conditions on Offspring’s Economic and Health Outcomes Potentially Driven by Epigenetic Imprinting”, and “Intergenerational Effects of Economic Distress: Paternal Unemployment and Child Secondary Schooling Decisions”—use the SOEP data. The awards ceremony took place at the Committee’s annual meeting at DIW Berlin on March 12-13, 2015. The prize is awarded every two years with the aim of promoting outstanding research in the economics of education and providing it with public visibility.