Report , News of 30 March 2015

SOEP Survey Committee welcomes two new members

SOEP Survey Committee members James Heckman and Janet Gornick finished their current appointment period at the end of 2014. We would like to again express our thanks to them for all of their much-appreciated work on behalf of the SOEP.

The Board of Trustees of DIW Berlin has formally appointed two new members in consultation with the DIW Executive Board and the SOEP Directors. Uwe Sunde and Susann Rohwedder will join the committee.

Uwe Sunde is a Professor of Economics at the University of Munich, where he holds the Chair of Population Economics. His research focuses on long-term development and human capital formation, labor economics, and behavioral economics.

Susann Rohwedder is a Senior Economist at the RAND Corporation, USA, and Associate Director of the RAND Center for the Study of Aging. She is also professor at the Pardee RAND Graduate School. Her research focuses on the economics of aging in the areas of household consumption and saving behavior, retirement, and expectation formation. Much of Rohwedder’s research work has an international focus. She is engaged in ongoing research comparing saving and retirement across the United States and several European countries.

The Board of Trustees has also extended Bärbel-Maria Kurth’s appointment for an additional three years.

Our nine Survey Committee members are: Dalton Conley (first term: 2013-2016), Simon Gächter (second term: 2013-2016), Jutta Heckhausen (first term: 2013-2016), Guillermina Jasso (second term: 2013-2015), Bärbel-Maria Kurth (second term: 2015-2018), Peter Lynn (second term: 2013-2015), Susann Rohwedder (first term: 2015-2018), Uwe Sunde (first term: 2015-2018), and Rainer Winkelmann (Chairman, second term: 2013-2016).

The next annual SOEP Survey Committee meeting will take place on July 3, 2015, at DIW Berlin.