Reports , News of 23 June 2015

SOEP Wave Report 2014

The SOEP’s 2014 Wave Report has just been published. It provides an overview of the SOEP’s activities in 2014.

The Wave Report covers TNS Infratest’s report on fieldwork for the thirtyfirst wave of SOEP-Core, the integration of the Family in Germany sample into SOEP-Core and the fourth boost sample of SOEP-IS.

Short research papers by members of the SOEP group in this year’s Wave Report once again give an impression of the current research questions that are being explored with the SOEP data, especially analyses with the IAB-SOEP migration sample and about Germany 25 years after reunification.

The SOEP Wave Report 2014 is available for download | PDF, 4.61 MB . A print version can also be obtained upon request ().