Reports , News of 30 September 2015

Second IAB-SOEP Migration Sample in the field

The 2013 IAB-SOEP Migration Sample (for an overview of M1, see SOEP Survey Paper 216) is our latest migration boost to the SOEP sample, carried out in collaboration with the Institute for Employment Research (IAB) in Nuremberg. The target population of the sample included immigrants to Germany since 1995 and also descendants of migrants who were born in Germany and have entered the labor market since 1995. The sampling framework uses register data from the Federal Employment Agency on employment spells and welfare receipt (for details on the sampling procedures, see SOEP Survey Paper 271).

The 2,700 households in the first IAB-SOEP Migration Sample were interviewed in 2013. The households in the second IAB-SOEP Migration Sample from 2015 are currently being interviewed for the first time. The target population consists of immigrants to Germany who have arrived since 2010. This focus will make it possible to better describe the dynamic recent evolution of immigration to Germany. The sample will probably cover about 1,200 households and has again been drawn from register data form the Federal Employment Agency. Please note that both samples allow for record linkage of administrative employment and income data with the collected survey data: Respondents are asked to provide explicit consent to record linkage.