Interview , News of 2 December 2015

"The Construction Industry Continues Its Upward Trend": Seven Questions to Claus Michelsen

Monika Dietsch (Copyright)  Kran Baukran Lastkran
Copyright: Monika Dietsch

Dr. Michelsen, how important has the construction industry been for the German economy in recent years?

After the construction industry hit rock bottom in the first decade of this century, it has recovered considerably since 2010. It is now an important pillar of the German economy and contributes significantly to growth in the country. Since 2010, we have seen a sharp increase in the volume of construction. In particular, the number of new residential buildings being constructed has risen considerably. [...]

The full interview with Claus Michelsen is published in DIW Economic Bulletin 49/2015. It is available for download as pdf document | PDF, 0.6 MB .

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