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15. Januar 2015

Berlin Seminar on Energy and Climate Policy Climate Policy and Finance – next steps for an ambitious Paris deal

Artur Runge Metzger will report on the results from the climate negotiations in Lima. We will discuss next steps and the most important challenges that need to be tackled on the road to the Paris 2015 COP. The discussion will highlight in particular the role of climate policy, domestic action, and the structure of climate finance. What is the signal of the EU 2030 package for the rest of the world? How important is ambitious domestic action for striking a good deal in Paris and are Europe and Germany doing enough? How can climate finance support countries in implementing policies and in realizing projects for a low-carbon transformation – and what can be learned from the European and German experience with financing renewables and energy efficiency?


Artur Runge Metzger,  EU Chief Negotiator International Climate Negotiations and Director at the European Commission
Dr. Karsten Sach, Deputy Director General "European and International Policy", Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety
Susanne Dröge,  Head of Research Unit Global Issues, SWP Berlin
Karsten Loeffler, Managing Director of Allianz Climate Solutions

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