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Video vom 08.10.2014:

The European Banking Union - How Will it Contribute to Financial Stability in Europe

Policy Panel in the frame of the conference: "Achieving Sustainable Financial Stability"

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Facilitator: Marcel Fratzscher (German Institute for Economic Research, DIW Berlin)
Panelists: Elke Gurlit (University Mainz), Levin Holle (Ministry of Finance), Jörg Rocholl (ESMT European School of Management and Technology)

The panelists will mainly tackle the following issues:

  • What are the risks during the transition phase?
  • Has the new supervisory agency all the necessary tools, the information and the independence to work efficient?
  • Are important problems like the " too big to fail " problem still unresolved despite the European Banking Union?
  • What incentives for risk-taking arise in a European Banking Union?
  • Which other economic and fiscal conditions are required to make the Banking Union successful in the long term?
  • How important is the conflict of interest between monetary policy and banking supervision?
  • What institutional framework is needed in Europe?


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