Interview , News of 10 March 2016

"Transparency of emissions trading data leaves a lot to be desired": Six Questions to Aleksandar Zaklan

JuergenGER, Pixabay (Copyright)  Emissionen Emissionshandel Abgase
Copyright: JuergenGER, Pixabay

Dr. Zaklan, you have studied company behavior in the EU Emissions Trading System. What differences can be seen in how companies handle emissions allowances?

Large companies participate more actively in emissions trading than smaller enterprises. We established this on the basis of older data. In a second study, we were able to show that for small installations, the way in which allowances are allocated has an impact on emissions levels. This relates to whether allowances are allocated free of charge or auctioned. The findings of a third study indicate that offset credits generated under the Kyoto Protocol are typically fully utilized by large companies, but not by small enterprises. [...]

The full interview with Aleksandar Zaklan is published in DIW Economic Bulletin 9+10/2016. It is available for download as pdf document | PDF, 114.47 KB .

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