Reports , News of 25 April 2016

SOEP-IS: 2014 data distribution

The data from the 2014 survey of the SOEP Innovation Sample (SOEP-IS) have now been released and can be ordered by SOEP users. Up to now, they have been provided through a secure website. The current data distribution contains the data from the 2011, 2012, and 2013 innovative modules.

The SOEP-IS contained the following innovative modules in 2011:

  • Implicit Association Test (IAT) and corresponding explicit questions measuring gender stereotypes.
  • The measurement of the four facets of sensitivity to injustice (victim sensitivity, observer sensitivity, beneficiary sensitivity, perpetrator sensitivity).
  • Questions about private, public, and company pensions.

 Innovative modules in 2012:

  • Adaptive test of environmental behavior
  • Control strivings
  • Day Reconstruction Method (DRM)
  • Experiment on expected financial market earnings
  • Implicit Association Test (IAT) of self-esteem and corresponding explicit questions measuring self-esteem
  • Fear of dementia
  • Just and sustainable development based on the capability approach (GeNECA)
  • Short scales on loneliness & depression

   Innovative modules in 2013:

  • Conspiracy mentality
  • Day Reconstruction Method (DRM)
  • Factorial survey on job preferences and job offer acceptance
  • Job task survey
  • Mobility & identity
  • Narcissism
  • Sleep characteristics
  • Socio-economic effects of physical activity

The data from the 2014 SOEP-IS modules will be provided exclusively to the researchers who proposed the respective ideas for an initial period of 12 months. They will be released to the rest of the SOEP user community in Spring 2017.

For more information please refer to the Release 2014 website.