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Stefan Seifert has successfully defended his dissertation

Personalie vom 14. Oktober 2016

Stefan Seifert, who joined the DIW Graduate Center in October 2011 and worked at the Firms and Markets department, has successfully defended his dissertation at Technische Universität Berlin.
His dissertation entitled “Productivity and Efficiency in Electricity Generation and Distribution", was supervised by Prof. Dr. Christian von Hirschhausen (DIW, TU Berlin) and Dr. Astrid Cullmann (DIW Berlin). Prof. Endre Björndal (NHH Bergen, Norway) was an additional member of his defence committee.
His dissertation focuses on the measurement of productivity and efficiency of electricity supply with four empirical and methodological papers:
"Technical Efficiency and CO2 Reduction Potentials - An Analysis of Germany's Electricity and Heat Generating Sector (PDF, 425.81 KB)" with Astrid Cullmann and Christian von Hirschhausen, published in Energy Economics
Measuring Productivity When Technologies Are Heterogeneous - A Semi-Parametric Approach for Electricity Generation (PDF, 0.52 MB)
Semi-parametric Measures of Scale Characteristics of Germany's Natural Gas-Fired Electricity Generation (PDF, 0.54 MB)
Operational Conditions in Regulatory Benchmarking Models - A Monte-Carlo Analysis (PDF, 0.61 MB)(with Maria Nieswand, DIW)

We congratulate Stefan on his success and wish him all the best for his future career.