Interview , News of 26 October 2016

"Implementing experience-rated liability premiums for individual physicians is not a good idea": seven questions for Sofia Amaral-Garcia

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The past few decades have seen a significant increase in the C-section rates of many developed countries. How much have the rates increased in Italy and Germany, the subjects of your report?

We focus primarily on Italy, but we also discuss Germany to some extent—and according to OECD statistics for the year 1990, C-section rates amounted to 15 percent in Germany and approximately 20 percent in Italy. The most recent data—for 2013— show that this rate has significantly increased in both countries. Germany’s current C-section rate is approximately 30 percent, while Italy’s is 36 percent. Both figures clearly represent significant increases. [...]

The interview with Sofia Amaral-Garcia is published in the DIW Economic Bulletin 43/2016 | PDF, 114.85 KB