Interview , News of 2 November 2016

"Nuclear power plants are more expansive than other technologies when incorporating all connected costs": eight questions for Pao-Yu Oei

Birgit Noll (Copyright)  Warnschild Warnung Warnen
Copyright: Birgit Noll

Mr. Oei, Germany has decided to phase out nuclear energy. What do the plans for nuclear power in other European countries look like?

Countries have very different plans when it comes to nuclear power. Some countries, such as Germany, Italy, Austria and recently, Switzerland, have decided to phase out their nuclear power programs. Others—for example, Great Britain— have decided to implement additional new construction projects in the coming years. [...]

The interview with Pao-Yu Oei is published in the DIW Economic Bulletin 44/2016 | PDF, 100.22 KB