Reports , News of 8 February 2017

SOEP Survey Committee welcomes new members

At its November 2016 meeting, the DIW Berlin Board of Trustees appointed two new members to an initial three-year term on the SOEP Survey Committee. As of 2017, Arthur van Soest, Professor at the Tilburg School of Economics and Management, Netherlands, and Urs Fischbacher, Professor of Applied Economics at the University of Konstanz, join the other seven members of the SOEP Survey Committee in advising the SOEP on its survey and services. At the same meeting, the Board appointed Jutta Heckhausen and Dalton Conley to a second three-year term.

Arthur van Soest is a renowned expert in micro-econometrics and panel data analysis. Through his very successful research on the economics of decision-making, he has gathered extensive experience with surveys and experiments.
Urs Fischbacher’s research deals with questions of altruism, motivation, cooperation, social norms, and fairness.

According to the By-Laws, the nine members advise SOEP management on the development of the survey and on SOEP service. The new appointments were necessary because the former Chair of the Survey Committee, Rainer Winkelmann, as well as Simon Gächter had served their statutory limit of two terms on the committee. The SOEP group extends its sincere thanks to both Rainer Winkelmann and Simon Gächter for their extraordinary commitment and contributions to the SOEP. Rainer Winkelmann has played a significant role as Chair of the SOEP Survey Committee in the SOEP’s successes over the course of his two terms in office. In January, Uwe Sunde assumed the position as Chair of the Survey Committee.

SOEP Survey Committee