Reports , News of 8 February 2017

Jannes Jacobsen, Jana Jaworski, and Lisa Pagel recently joined the SOEP

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Jannes Jacobsen, Jana Jaworski, and Lisa Pagel recently joined the SOEP as part of the project Refugee Families in Germany (GeFam).

Jannes completed his master’s degree in Sociology at the Freie Universität Berlin in early 2016. His master’s thesis deals with antisemitism and racism, examining these issues in different religions from a comparative perspective. His research interests also include migration. At the SOEP, he will be responsible for documentation and aspects of data weighting for the GeFam project.

Jana completed her master’s in Economics at the University of Potsdam in October 2016. Her master’s thesis uses SOEPlong v31 data to test the existence of an urban wage premium in Germany. At the SOEP, she is responsible for preparing the data from samples M3 and M4 (GeFam), and also for aspects of questionnaire development, in particular for the integration of external research interests.

Lisa completed her master's degree in Psychology at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin in September 2016. In her master's thesis, she looks for evidence of whether the “traditional” survey question of how many books a family has in their household is still a good proxy for a young person’s cultural capital. Her work in the GeFam project will also deal with educational questions, focusing in particular on the individual and institutional factors that help adolescent refugees to assimilate successfully into the German educational system.