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Do Private Utilities Outperform Local Government-Owned Utilities? Evidence from German Retail Electricity Caroline Stiel, Astrid Cullmann, Maria Nieswand In: German Economic Review (2018), im Ersch.[online first: 2017-04-21]


Against the background of remunicipalisation trends in European public service sectors, this paper estimates firm-level productivity for German electricity retailers and tests whether the ownership type has a significant impact on productivity. We specify a production function for the retail sector with labour and external services as main inputs, which is estimated using a control function approach. Employing a newly constructed dataset on German utilities by the German Federal Statistical Office for the years 2003-12, we find that firm-level productivity generally increased until 2008 but not afterwards. We do not find any evidence for ownership having an impact on productivity.




Productivity, retail electricity, ownership, structural production function