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8. Mai 2017

Veranstaltung Policy Solutions for a Climate Friendly Materials Sector

Production of basic materials like steel, cement or aluminium is responsible for the majority of industrial GHG emissions. Yet so far national policies provide very limited support for climate friendly material production and efficient use of materials. In principle, Emission Trading Systems were implemented to provide the desired incentives. In practice, carbon leakage concerns trigger free allocation of emission allowances muting the carbon price incentives for most mitigation options.
This event will explore how additional policies like consumption charges on materials and innovation support can make climate policy effective for the material sector. Discussion will focus on how such approaches would benefit from international cooperation – and how they can contribute to global emission reductions.

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16.45 - 18.15 Uhr
Kaminzimmer 113
The World Conference Center Bonn Platz der Vereinten Nationen 2 53113 Bonn
im DIW Berlin
Tel.: +49 30 89789 470