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28 June 2017

SOEP Brown Bag Seminar Interpersonal Perceptions and Interviewer Effects in Face-to-Face Surveys

It is well known that the presence of an interviewer can affect responses and thereby introduce variance and bias into survey estimates. For instance, some respondents tend to adjust their true answers towards social norms or specific characteristics of the interviewer in order to appear in a good light. When investigating these interviewer effects, survey research mainly focused on interviewer socio-demographics and only a few studies have examined effects of not directly observable characteristics such as interviewer personality, attitudes and beliefs. Moreover, survey research lacks of insights on how interviewers’ and respondents’ interpersonal perceptions of each other affect respondent answers to related questions. For this project, self-reports of 1,184 respondents and 114 interviewers as well as their mutual perceptions of each other were collected in the context of the Socio-Economic Panel Study Innovation Sample (SOEP-IS) in 2015/2016. Data collection covered attitudes and opinions towards a variety of political and social issues. This presentation includes results on the impact of interviewer opinions on respondent answers, the nature and accuracy of interpersonal inferences, as well as their impact on respondent self-reports.

12:30 - 13:30
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