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DIW Welcomes Their European Partners from the SET-NAV Project

Report of October 11, 2017

DIW on the 4th and 5th of October, 2017 invited representatives from 14 research institutes across Europe to convene in Berlin. The SET-Nav project under the direction of Vienna University of Technology focuses on establishment of a clean, safe, and efficient energy pathways for the European SET Project.

The project partners, including the NTNU Trondheim (Norway), Universidad Comillas Madrid and Fraunhofer ISI model long term and low-carbon Strategic Energy Technology (SET) plan and examine the characteristics of innovation throughout the energy sector. A major and novel contribution of the project is the consideration of not only the energy sector, but also transport, industry, and building infrastructure.

During the meetings at DIW Berlin, the halfway status of various three year case studies from different sectors were examined. Included in the assessment was the project led by DIW Berlin, which analysis the use of CCS technology in power plants and in industry across Europe, and the implementation of an independent CO2 pipeline infrastructure. A second DIW case study currently in progress, focuses on the need for further expansion of natural gas pipelines to support the growing share of renewable energies in European grid infrastructure. Complimentary to the discussion of individual case studies, researchers also assessed how various models could be exchanged digitally more efficiently with the integration of the project partner, IIASA.

As part of the SET-Nav project, modeling techniques are also taught to external and junior researchers during the semi- annual method workshops. The next project meeting dedicated to web modeling will take place in Madrid in March of 2018.