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23. Mai 2018

Veranstaltung 2nd DIW Lecture on Money and Finance on SBBS – De-risking Europe’s Financial Markets

Europe’s sovereign debt crisis has proven particularly pernicious. A key reason for that was the strong link between banks and states. Banks’ fate was inextricably mingled with their respective sovereign, what was alluded to as the doom-loop. From a euro area perspective, banks were under-diversified, exposed to too much concentration risk. One interesting answer to this issue could be the creation of a – synthetic – European, i.e. non-national, safe asset – without risk-sharing. Sovereign bond backed securities (SBBS), designed to provide diversification and thus de-risking benefits, could perform a stabilizing role. In the fall of 2016, under the chairmanship of Philip R. Lane, Governor of the Central Bank of Ireland, the European Systemic Risk Board launched a comprehensive study to assess the feasibility as well as cost and benefits of such an approach. 

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