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SOEP-Core v29 - Known Bugs/Fixes


Dataset Information

1984-2012 (Wave BC)

Mar. 27,2014


Errors in the imputation of electricity, heating, and additional expenses for tenants in the current data distribution resulted in values that were too high. These errors also affected the generation of rent including maintenance but excluding heating. The variables affected are: electr$$, heat$$, util$$, rent$$, and frent$$ for the years 2008 to 2012. The variables typ1hh12 and typ2hh12 changed for two households.


Also in the 2012 survey year, after the suspension of compulsory military service in Germany, the related calendar information in the individual questionnaire was revised. This revision was made in the original individual data for 2012 but not in the corresponding calendar data—these have now been updated retrospectively for the data distribution v29.

Both errors were corrected and an update is now available for downloading upon request ( If you would like to use this updated version in your work, please cite the version number, SOEP v29.1 (or better, doi: 10.5684/soep.v29.1) in publications using these data.