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SOEP-Core v28 - Known Bugs/Fixes


Dataset Information

1984-2011 (Wave BB)

Dec. 19,2012

In some cases, reports of a past divorce were not taken into account in the data generation process. In addition, the reported year of death of a former partner was in some cases overwritten by the respective current year of the interview. This affected not only the start and end date of some spells but also missing information and validation checks.

The mistakenly overwritten information in the generation of BIOCOUPL$ affected validation checks. A majority of the formerly missing information is now available. However, the number of implausible answers has also risen in the process.

An update for all corrected files can be downloaded by means of a personalized link. Please contact to obtain your link. 

Please note: If you use one of the provided bugfixes in your analyses we recommend citing it as follows:
Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP), data for years 1984-2011, version 28.1, SOEP, 2012.
Sozio-oekonomisches Panel (SOEP), Daten für die Jahre 1984-2011, Version 28.1, SOEP, 2012.
Short Version:
SOEP v28.1