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13. März 2019

DIW Lecture on Money and Finance The International Transmission of Monetary Policy: Evidence from the International Banking Research Network

Claudia M. Buch Vice President, Deutsche Bundesbank

Welcome by Lukas Menkhoff | Head of Department International Economics at DIW Berlin
Moderation by Dorothea Schäfer | Research Director Financial Markets at DIW Berlin

International economic policy discussion centers around the volatility of capital flows and the impact on exchange rates, asset prices, and credit. Banks continue to account for a large share of capital flows intermediated across borders. Thus, for central bankers and other policy makers, understanding the transmission of monetary policy (shocks) into bank credit is particularly important. To analyze these processes, the “International Banking Research Network” (IBRN) was founded in 2012. Professor Claudia M. Buch, who is now Vice President of Deutsche Bundesbank, is a co-director of this network from the beginning. In her lecture she will introduce into the IBRN, present current research results and conclude with broader lessons for policy evaluation.

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