Impacts of Heat Sector Transformation on Germany’s Power System through Increased Use of Power-To-Heat

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Andreas Bloess

In: Applied Energy 239 (2019), S. 560-580


The heating sector accounts for a major part of Germanys energy consumption and carbon emissions. Both, renewable energy and power-to-heat, could help decarbonizing it. To analyse the impacts of power-to-heat and heat storage on power system development, a dynamic long-term power sector investment and dispatch model for Europe is extended to also include German individual and district heating. Findings show that power-to-heat causes a substantial rise in electricity demand, even if heat energy demand decreases strongly. Power generation from wind and natural gas accordingly increase. Power-to-gas capacity increasingly substitutes battery storage. Combined heat and power does not play a role in future scenarios.

JEL-Classification: C61;D61;Q42
Keywords: Power sector modelling, Sector coupling, Power-to-heat