Reports , News of 30 July 2019

Report: SOEP at the ESRA conference 2019

The eighth conference of the European Survey Research Association (ESRA) was held in Zagreb, Croatia, from July 15 to 19, 2019. The conference was hosted by the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Zagreb.

As at previous ESRA conferences, a number of SOEP staff members presented their research findings and applications of new survey methods in different SOEP samples, and some chaired sessions, see listing below.

The SOEP also had an exhibition stand at the conference, where Janina Britzke and Christine Kurka provided information to attendees about the wide range of analyses that can be carried out with the SOEP data with a focus on survey research. They also offered participants the opportunity take the grip strength test, a recognized tool to measure respondents’ health status that attracted a great deal of interest among visitors, some of them coming back repeatedly.

Papers presented and/or sessions organized by SOEP team members at ESRA2019:

  • Who is Willing to Use Happiness Apps? Evidence from a Representative German Sample.

David Richter (SOEP at DIW Berlin) – Presenting Author
Julia Rohrer (University of Leipzig)

  • Mentoring of Refugees – Lessons Learned From a Randomised Controlled Trial with Refugees and Locals in Germany.

Martin Kroh (University of Bielefeld and SOEP at DIW Berlin)
Magdalena Krieger (SOEP at DIW Berlin)

Lea-Maria Löbel (SOEP at DIW Berlin) - Presenting Author
Nicolas Legewie (SOEP at DIW Berlin)

  • Surveying Persons in Same-Sex Relationships in a Probabilistic Way – An Example from the Netherlands

Stephanie Steinmetz (University of Amsterdam) - Presenting Author
Mirjam Fischer (SOEP at DIW Berlin), Session organizer

  • With or Without You - Standardised Metadata in Survey Data Management 1-3

Session Organisers:
Knut Wenzig (SOEP at DIW Berlin)
Daniel Bela (LIfBI – Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories)
Arne Bethmann (Max Planck Institute for Social Law and Social Policy)

  • Longitudinal Weights for Balanced and Unbalanced Panel Data

Hans Walter Steinhauer (SOEP at DIW Berlin) - Presenting Author
Sabine Zinn (LIfBi – Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories and SOEP at DIW Berlin)

  • Asking for Justice Evaluations of Earnings – Does the Choice of Justice Stimulus Matter?

Jule Adriaans (SOEP at DIW Berlin) - Presenting Author
Stefan Liebig (SOEP at DIW Berlin and Freie Universität Berlin)
Guillermina Jasso (New York University)
Clara Sabbagh (University of Haifa)

  • A Novel Sampling Strategy for Surveying High-Worth Individuals – An Application Using the Socio-Economic Panel

Markus M. Grabka (SOEP at DIW Berlin)
Carsten Schröder (SOEP at DIW Berlin) - Presenting Author
Martin Kroh (University of Bielefeld and SOEP at DIW Berlin)
Charlotte Bartels (SOEP at DIW Berlin)
Rainer Siegers (SOEP at DIW Berlin