Niklas Gohl

Niklas Gohl

Ph.D. Student in the

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Niklas Gohl is currently a Ph.D. student at the Berlin School of Economics and the University of Potsdam. Further, he works as a research associate at the Chair of Public Economics, Fiscal and Social Policy at the University of Potsdam. Niklas studied Economics and Politics at the University of Glasgow and obtained his Master’s Degree in Public Economics at Freie Universität, Berlin. His main research interests are public as well as urban economics with a particular focus on housing market developments and their impact on individual behaviour, welfare and policy.


Zeitschrift für Immobilienökonomie

Deutschland: ein Land der Mieter? Die Rolle von Erwartungen über zukünftige Immobilienpreisentwicklungen

2019 | Niklas Gohl, Peter Haan, Claus Michelsen, Felix Weinhardt
IZA Discussion Paper N0. 12891

Working Life and Human Capital Investment: Causal Evidence from Pension Reform

2020 | Niklas Gohl, Peter Haan, Elizabeth Kurz, Felix Weinhardt